Video processing

Supplementing remote monitoring systems with visual surveillance is the latest trend in automation systems. As in security and surveillance systems, the advantage of the complexity of the visual information obtained by cameras is being exploited. Such information is often more natural to the user than the status and evolution of technological signals. The user is then able to react more quickly and correctly to events that occur, or to analyse the causes of events on the basis of video footage.

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Modern video surveillance systems use IP data networks for video transmission. The advantage is the use of a unified infrastructure, higher digital image quality, easier management and advanced features. When switching from older analog CCTV systems to IP video surveillance, it is not necessary to replace all already installed and compliant analog cameras. Video servers or video encoders are used to digitize, compress and transmit video over the IP network. In addition to video digitization, they can offer other advanced features such as detecting changes in the image, intrusion of defined zones, sending emails with images during events, etc. If the digitised image transmitted over the network needs to be converted back to analogue video, video decoders are used for this purpose. An important part of video encoders is software for their integration into application software, SCADA systems or stand-alone software for video surveillance and recording and management of video files.


When installing new applications involving video monitoring, so-called IP cameras are used that already have an integrated video server and can therefore connect directly to the IP network. In our product range you will find a wide range of industrial cameras of different designs depending on the application. In applications with a large number of installed cameras or automated image management, the intelligent image analysis functions directly in the cameras are an advantage. We offer cameras with a large operating temperature range from -40°C to 70°C without additional heating or active cooling. Importantly, the cameras are certified for use in harsh environments, such as rolling stock or explosive environments. Because the cameras are designed from the outset for operation in harsh environments, they are backed by an extended warranty guaranteeing long-term system operation with little additional maintenance costs. We offer a complete range of accessories for the cameras, from lenses to mounting accessories.

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