IES-F1 – Industrial Ethernet Fundamentals Training

The aim of this training is to get acquainted with the technical basics of communication protocols in industrial networks.

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Initial knowledge:

Basic user knowledge of networks

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • CSMA/CD technology
  • Basic concept
  • Physical layer (Layer 1)
      – Cables and connectors – Elements – Topology
  • Link layer (Layer 2)
      – Elements
  • Network layer (Layer 3)
      – Elements
  • Transport layer (Layer 4)
  • Classification of Ethernet by transmission medium
  • MAC addressing
  • Basics
  • IP Protocol
    – IP addressing – Unicast / Multicast / Broadcast data transmissions – IPv6
  • ARP
  • ICMP
  • TCP & UDP protocols
  • Description
  • Application layer elements
  • Application layer protocols- BOOTP – DHCP – DNS – SNMP

Duration of training:

2 days, this training does not include practical exercises, so there is a possibility of self-study from the supplied materials and verification by online test


Industrial Ethernet Foundation (IES-F1)


  • 1 000,- CZK excluding VAT per person for independent study and online test
  • 4 000,- CZK excluding VAT per person in the training centre with online test




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