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Moxa’s Technical Product Support Group works closely with its Research and Development team to ensure that they are able to solve their customers’ problems quickly and reliably. Their engineers also make their know-how public by regularly answering frequently asked questions. These questions and answers can be found at, as well as a glossary of frequently used technical terms, allowing you to troubleshoot common glitches. You can also make use of the Online Request Center, but it is not infrequent that you will need the help of someone on site, and here we highly recommend our experts and certified MTSC engineers to support users of Moxa products.

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MOXA Technical Support Center - MTSC

Main goals

One of the main goals of these centres was to bring professional technical support of MOXA products to the client, which has been successful in many countries around the world, including the Czech Republic. Each MTSC is equipped with everything needed for the necessary interventions directly at the customer’s site, including well-trained engineers working in the field. The Moxa MTSC strategy guarantees that you will not only receive quality and professional technical support, but that you will receive it on site and without time loss.


The first MTSC training campaign with the full support of MOXA product distributors was held in Korea (Asia-Pacific region) in August 2003, and then in France (Europe and Africa region), Shanghai (China), and California (USA). The MTSC training campaign was a great success, with 50 distributors and 81 engineers from various technical support centers located around the world participating. But most importantly, only those engineers who passed this thorough training (organized by MOXA Technologies and MOXA Networking engineers involved in research, development and technical support) and then also passed a rigorous test were granted permission to perform technical support and received MTSC certification, guaranteeing quality technical support provided to users of MOXA products.

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