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Industrial computers are part of every automation solution today. Moxa is an established manufacturer of workstations for industrial use. In the portfolio you will find various types of embedded, panel and special computers with high durability and performance that will stand up to your demanding work.

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As the minimization of electronics is becoming more and more common in industrial computers, embedded computers are becoming more and more popular. A large group of these computers are designed for passive cooling without any rotating parts to increase maintenance-free reliable operation while maintaining high resistance to shock and vibration, temperature or dust and dirt. The minimal and compact size allows these embedded PCs to be applied to machines and parking meters or similar small devices.

Embedded PCs find application wherever reliability and maintenance-free operation are emphasized. Cooling of the system with the possibility to use higher computing power is taken care of by a specially designed surface, which uses a larger surface area for heat radiation and thus better cooling of the computer. In case of requirements for higher performance or expandability with customer cards, actively cooled embedded computers must be used. The choice of a suitable model is also very wide in this case, depending on the requirements for size, power, type of power supply (230 VAC or 110 VAC, or the 12 VDC or 24 VDC power supply often used in industry, which can also be used with an extended power range of 9 to 36 VDC). Another important parameter is expandability, where it is possible to use a passive bus chassis for the computer with up to 10 slots to accommodate a processor card and half- or full-length expansion cards in ISA, PCI or PCIe designs.


An increasingly popular group of industrial computers are all-in-one panel computers with the possibility of being built into the cabinet door, etc. Due to different customer requirements, we offer a wide range of these panel computers. There is a choice of variants with a small installation depth, as well as

as well as models with the possibility of expansion with additional PCI or PCIe cards. Some models can be expanded with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules as well as RFID readers etc.

Displays can be standard with resistive or capacitive touchscreen, or other technologies can be used, as the choice of touch control is very important in various applications. Standard sizes of these panel PCs range from 4.3” to 32”.

The panel PCs meet the demanding requirements for water ingress protection and hard parts frontal or full body minimum IP64 and above, again depending on the demands of use in different applications. You can choose an industrial all-in-one computer based on computing power requirements as well as passive cooling options or choice of any operating system. Workstations are a special option. These are chassis with a 10” to 17” display for mounting a motherboard or passive bus and CPU card. These Workstations are fully configurable with the option of panel or 19” rack mount.

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